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What are Providers? Should I Become A Provider?

What are Providers?
Adult Developmental Home (ADH) or Child Developmental Home (CDH) providers are licensed independent contractors who provide a family home environment and are responsible for providing positive, emotional support to members with developmental disabilities while teaching them important skills to help them live satisfying and successful lives.

Providers are compensated on a per diem basis for Room and Board (household expenses) and Habilitation (support and training they give to the member placed in their home). Each member will have an “Individual Service Plan” (ISP) which the Provider is responsible to reinforce.

Compensation earned is TAX FREE! . Providers are responsible for managing their own business, developing professional skills, maintaining appropriate insurance, licensing and certification. Providers are subject to federal, state or county regulatory requirements.

Should I Become A Provider?
The decision to become a ADH/CDH Home Provider should be carefully thought out. You will be deciding to open your home, share your love and make a true difference in a persons life. There is a lot of responsibility, work, compassion, empathy, love and emotion required from providers. The compensation is good but the endeavor is not for everyone. We suggest you discuss with your family, friends and or your church to help you decide if this is right for your situation.

If you decide you would like to share your home, your love and make a positive difference in a persons life, please contact Nadia Murphy at 480-635-2566 or email inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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